“Huff, puff… You’ll be blown away by these straw houses”

The curved wall interior of a straw bale home

Here's a link to an article on BuildYourDream.co.nz which talks about our straw bale homes:

Huff, puff... You'll be blown away by these straw houses »

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New Web Site

Welcome to the 'new' Little Pig Building Company website!

As you can see, we've retained the original look of our site and brought it into the 21st century with a brand new engine under the hood.

Thanks to the techno-wizardry of Rob Edwards from LifeformLabs, we have a fully operational WordPress powered site.

We can now add news, pics and update our pages, all from the comfort of our own computer!

We'll be adding some project information to the gallery and other content over the next while and now we have a news page, bringing you updates on our latest projects.

You can also catch up with us on Twitter and our Facebook page.

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